Aromatherapy 30ml blue frosted glass bottle Philippines

Aromatherapy 30ml blue frosted glass bottle Philippines

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  • Beauty tools compartmental : Incense tools
  • Incense tools species : Aromatherapy essential oil bottle
  • Brand : Other/Other
  • Make-up/beauty tools items : Other

High quality 30 ml blue dull Polish glass essential oil bottle with big cap

  • Material:Frosted Glass
  • Specifications:30 ml
  • Color:Blue
  • Quality:Level
  • Bottle diameter:18mm
  • Holy-water vase diameter:33mm
  • Holy-water vase height:79mm
  • Bottle net weight:46G
  • Number of packages:264 PCS (guang ping)
  • Including lid height:83mm
  • (Including lid) weight:49G
  • Body of bottle tasting: diameter standard, the body of bottle, smooth, color is, protection from light.

Buy experience:Bottle hardness high protection from light and tightness are very good, handfeel, texture, dull Polish body of bottle high quality!

Germany import big cap and made in China big cap difference

Essential Oil ping gai zi the quality of essential oil of preservation, use very important! As the saying goes, deserved me, a bottle of good essential oil, natural need one quality good glass container dressed up, more need one seal better, dropping the precise, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging of the lid. Germany import big cap Bing Cheng Germany delicacy workmanship and Jingyi refinement of the traditional lid workmanship fine, corrosion-resistant, the liquid very accurate, that is a drop of, homogeneity, don't cause Essential Oil Waste! Anti-aging ability Obvious is stronger than all types of domestic imitations, for many years not aging, can rest assured storage of your precious essential oil! Made in China big cap is actually faux big cap, material and workmanship, dropping such as convenient and import gai dou there are differences, hate the most that is with a one-to-two-month after, it must replacement lid, FZ will be corroded rot away. Essential Oil lovers also Germany import big cap love! Germany import cover with Made in China all types of imitations compared with as follows advantage:1. Seal better.2. Craft better, as a drop of better, all work, very suitable expensive essential oil type to use! To drop the demanding MM, choose this. Not disappointment!3. material, anti-aging, the Essential Oil Bottle Cap anti-aging ability Obvious is stronger than all types of domestic imitations, for many years not aging, can rest assured storage of your precious essential oil!

No Matter What dears is a profession of aromatherapy worker, or lovers, must be your essential oil item choice one safe high quality of bottle caps yo, after no longer to cap the generate with oil and excessive worry about!

Why import Germany big cap and made in China have a big difference?

Import and made in China essential oil bottle cap the biggest difference is the raw material (plastic) and craft. Import cover material better, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, drop sai tou white crisp workmanship more subtle, essential Oil Drop speed homogeneity ACCORD, easy-to-use, sealing and better suitable long dress for women essential oil. Made in China every mock cover in the material and craft and convenient do worse. Drop the bright white hazy, the dropping of and corrosion resistance convenient and worse, no suitable long dress for women essential oil.

It is said that apart from the material convenient, the import of the emitter, should be semi-automatic machine production out of, that is to say, half of the Process of people to manually control, so that's why do such a fine, and made in China is the straight connector open one mould, and then the plastic inner perfusion and, this mode of production benefits yield is high, but fine, and it would be rough.

Germany import big cap different traffic (velocity) to identify

As we all know, Germany people do things more rigorous, REZENS, and create a Germany import big cap of XONIX traffic (velocity ), germany import big cap commonly used velocity (Traffic)0.6 traffic,0.7 traffic,1.0 traffic,1.5 trafficSeveral Kinds,0.6 VelocitySuitable to use in the thin 100% essential oil, such as orange, Lavender;0.7 VelocityIs KUKJE essential oil of the standard flow, suitable to use in Unilateral Essential oil;1.0 VelocitySuitable to use in compound essential oil and symmetrical is thick, 100% Essential Oil (such as Rose );1.5 VelocitySuitable to use in Basic oil and compound essential oil, Special Thick Unilateral Essential Oil (such as myrrh) and consistency is not high water aqua essence. Because every kind of Essential Oil place of origin different concentration, viscosity will have a difference, so pay attention to the can buy several testting it. Roogo not special attention can use1.0 VelocityInner plug.Triumph Duke packaging do all Taobao the fullest the Germany import head (small) cover different traffic (velocity) the Germany import head (small) cover all goods, and New style lines/rough with Triumph Duke three Germany import big cap, seal better, leak-proof liquid effect better, color geng xian, drop the better to make, but also the goods, click hereTriumph Duke New style three Germany import big cap,Germany origional product import small fang dao gai. There are kids still can shopGermany origional Product Import children safety cap. The store support zi zhu gou wu. Germany import head (small) cover drop plug flow rate (Traffic) general points:1.5,1.0,0.7,0.6Here, Triumph Duke packaging with a few Compare analysis figure teach you to identify Germany import big cap.

Triumph Duke packaging Germany import big cap different traffic (velocity) Analysis of the figure as follows

Triumph Duke packaging New style three Germany import big cap discrimination diagram as follows

  • Blue dull Polish 5ml bottle + big cap
  • Blue dull Polish 10ml bottle + big cap
  • Blue dull Polish 15ml bottle + big cap
  • Blue dull Polish 20ml bottle + big cap
  • Blue dull Polish 30ml bottle + pen wu gai
  • Blue dull Polish 50ml bottle + big cap
  • Blue dull Polish 100ml bottle + big cap
  • Tawny dull Polish 30ml bottle + big cap
  • Green dull Polish 30ml bottle + big cap
  • Blue 30ml bottle + big cap

Q: Why essential oil bottle is glass bottle, glass essential oil and what are the advantages?

A: the Essential Oil is a plant natural essence ingredients, you yi volatilization, paguang, afraid of temperature dramatically changed wait feature, so essential oil bottle must be sealed, only in this way can guarantee essential oil won't be volatile, oxygen and other material not essential oil generate chemical reaction. Glass Material has good barrier performance, can very good stop oxygen and gas on the built-in for the invasion, at the same time, can stop built-in objects can be volatile ingredients to the glorious in the volatile; glass bottle of stable, safe and health, a good corrosion resistance and resistance to the etching of ability, not easy with essential oil from the chemical reaction. And like the General of the plastic bottle, including some classes plastic of the storage bottle is not RISO, dress for women essential oil when there are some harmful material easy to precipitation, because some of the essential oil is with strong volatile, and, molecular structure is not very stable. Bottle of material General for glass, thickness convenient must guarantee body of bottle of KYNKO, the finest bottle to validated must height of drop testting. Second, all the bottle should be dark color, including Tawny, blackish green and SKYY. The traditional essential oil bottle with deep tinted for, can effectively avoid light essential oil to quality decline.

Q: The profession of the essential oil packaging should be with what the lid?

A: The profession of packaging uses double layer caps, must have corrosion resistance, Inner CAP have holes, convenient for essential oil poured out the hole the size of a very exquisite, General to guarantee 1 ml is 20 drops. Cover general is a dark color, and with the security chain design. On the market there is a kind of jiao tou cover, this is not China Science Publishing & Media ltd.(cspm), because once the jiao tou was essential oil molecules corrosion easy aging hardening. So that the lid of the Essential Oil general set of Essential Oil "purity are worth discussing. General jiao tou cover is all customers MM used for own separate preparation Essential Oil. Roogo essential oil is precious, it is recommended to use Germany import of big cap, anti-corrosion, as a drop of more precise.

Q: essential oil bottle, the quality of the essential oil of loudspeaker big? How to choice high quality of bottle?

A: For regular research essential oil of the MM, may be essential oil bottle quality without too much attention, know the essential oil in a dark color protection from light glass bottles in the can, in fact, essential Oil Bottle of quality of the quality of essential oil of the stability and security of loudspeaker, quality of the inferior essential oil bottle will lead to essential oil leak by the body of bottle and cap tightness of tough ), in addition, due to bottle cap plastic material, low cap with essential oil sound reactions generate bonding.

From profession the point of view of evaluation bottle of quality to testting the following item:

1. A bottle of weight error, bottle caliber. (Emphasizes the caliber, a lot of low-quality of Essential Oil Bottle mouth diameter not standard, by complementing the drops of oil, it is easy to bottle mouth break! In fact this is one that is easy to be ignored is very important to the places, quality lies in details! High quality of bottle mouth smooth caliber standard .)

2. drop-resistant testting: From the m height drop testting glass bottle hardness.

3. The body of bottle for smooth, no Obvious, bottle bottom thickness homogeneity.

4. The bottle mold line homogeneity, no coarse or dislocation, bottle no Obvious bubble.

5. body of bottle overall color and lustre is, color homogeneity, no color, reflective line smooth, easy translucent.

6. the third type of medicinal soda-lime glass (sodium carbonate-calcium glass) or non-ferrous resistance of light of glass, may use the colored fog surface glass bottle, usually take the bottle is up to this standard, the need to look at the production manufacturer whether supply medicinal glass container.

Of course, we're in the purchase of the time can't do all-directional profession of the testting, according to our experience teach you one way: bottle bottom thickness homogeneity (general quality of poor bottle bottom side thickness side, high, is handcrafted die for making sake), the body of bottle surface color homogeneity, no bubble, filled with water inverted 24 hours without leakage is ready for use.

On essential oil fire extinguisher bottles of cleaning

With medical use alcohol wipe or soak (washes ), tuning device took a breath alcohol (with Tuning device of the bottle, dry, you can use. Do not use boiled approach, easy to cause the Tuning device plastic part of the transformation and glass bottle burst. Roogo are used glass essential oil bottle, remove the plastic plug discard, avoid to use has been the corrosion of the plastic bottle stopper.

About the seal of choice

Roogo you used for partial Unilateral Essential Oil can only use big cap bottle, tuning Device of jiao tou possible with essential oil reacts cause jiao tou aging. Roogo you own preparation compound essential oil, the choice which all can, big cap advantages lies in sealed, save time, easy to carry carriable. With pacifier and straw bottle, we usually call for mixing bottle, suitable used at home, more suitable novice, players MM is also used to this bottle of grain. But tightness as big cap bottle, suitable short term, temporary, not suitable in the long-term preservation, and di guan ping because jiao tou squeeze may cause leakage, can't carry carriable. So please according to use situation for choice.In addition, many friends like alumite cap replacement big cap, Roogo alumite cap with a drop of the used for loading essential oil, need with gasket can achieve sealing effect, the customer with alumite cap of the Essential Oil bottled essential oil that will find sealing performance is not good enough, leakage, because alumite cap of the structure with big cap (Essential Oil Drop plug is aim at big cap design different, even with gasket, still no big cap sealing effect is good! General Situation of the suggested that do not use the alumite cap of bottle set of essential oil. Can't guarantee alumite cap all there is no any small blemish, and Roogo care small scratches or indentation, also suggest that do not choose alumite cap.Roogo of Made in China big cap enough satisfaction, can choice Germany origional Product Import of big cap, anti-corrosion, traffic more XONIX.

On the bottle of measuring

Essential oil bottle is not Measuring cylinder, whatever printing of measuring, the accuracy and precision of the won't achieve the preparation Essential Oil of need (General 100% essential oil of the amount is zero point a few ML, the measuring accuracy of the can't), so we don't have measuring of the essential oil bottle. Measuring essential oil is simple: the Basic oil into the bottle, and arrived bottle of shoulder parts, basically, that is bottle of standard capacity. 100% Essential Oil by 20 drops/ml calculation it can, very simple.Roogo must measuring, its choice measuring bottle as choice scale dropper, symmetrical more precise, store owner now we provide you with 30Ml bottle with the scale dropper.

On the bottle of craft after processing

According to your request processing dull polish, silk screen, bronze, hot silver, spray, Electroplated and craft after processing.

100% essential oil measuring standard

1ml of Essential Oil of about 20 drops, 10ml have 200 drops. 10ml vehicle and add two drops of Essential Oil is for 1%-new, 10ml the medium with four drops of Essential Oil is for 2%-normal concentration, 10ml the medium with 6 drops of Essential Oil is for 3%-body massage. The new proposal is 1% use, no problem after concentration can slowly increase. Use on your face concentration to lower, used in body concentration than face, body concentration highest can 5%. Every time the preparation essential oil type 5 A, normal is 3. A do not adjust too much to one month out the amount of subject, or use every time preparation.

Preparation Essential Oil's small print also known

1, the first confirmed essential oil bottle is clean and completely dry, load compound essential oil, to make sure that container without any sediment or water damage. Holding the bottle must be thoroughly washed and commodity shelf dry places air-drying, do not the bottle on the refrigerator after cooling used again, surface super-cooled bottle will be due to the temperature is too low, and the essential oil of the chemical ingredients sound change.2. Do not be new Reconcile Good essential oil with the old blend Essential Oil Mixed, even the same formula also not, it will lower Essential Oil of nature.3, blend essential oil, to make sure that Snnei, fresh air and ventilation, try to do not a inhalation of essential oil, FZ will cause nausea and dizziness.4. Every time together to try to a small amount of, the order is first pour Basic oil, and then in turn additive Pure essential oil, after the two palm holding the bottle, gently horizontal scroll, ensure that Basic oil and Pure Essential Oil Mixed homogeneity. Mixture of oil placed 24 hours after the re-use is the most RISO, because the Oil Mixed will be very homogeneity coordination.5, the preparation of the compound essential oil, retention, oxide, etc, only preparation when times the amount.6. The preparation good compound essential oil into the bottle, speed cover cap to reduce oxide, and in the body of bottle labeled with preparation essential oil formula and harmonic date, application Method and the amount of label after commodity shelf shady place, and in 6 weeks out.

Our support zi zhu gou wu

Basic on aircraft of the product are available at the pro bullish after can straight connector.

Shopping amount discontent $33, please pay for 3 yuan packaging cost

Because our product special to wholesale primarily. Glass is fragile, and packaging costs, so retail customer purchase amount discontent 33 yuan ($ excluded freight) please also pay 3 yuan packaging cost. Glass Bottle price profit thin, you pay for the packaging cost is a cardboard box, adhesive tape, Bubble film, artificial costs, all for the sake of your bottle of safe arrived, thank you for understanding and support.

About chromatic aberration

For filming light and displays and other hardware different image may be chromatic aberration, all goods to the actual product shall prevail.

About logistics

Our default zhongtong Express. Glass is fragile, part of the express charge glass pieces. Without the customer service, not support designated Express, Hong kong, Macau and Taiwan may S.F. Express to pay.

About packing

Glass is fragile, we will carefully packaging, each alone with Bubble film alone packaging, general will not damage the kiss can rest assured.

About Breakage

In order to avoid both unnecessary losses, and will you please sign when be sure to check the parcel is intact and count the parcel in the product quantity, if you find a small amount of, please refuse to sign for it, and immediately contact us, when you or your friends and family sign for it, our restaurant will no longer be resposible for any product quantity shortage of the responsibility. Glass is fragile, we will carefully packaging, and, fast transportation during the delivery company, not what we can control, please do not in the received items damaged it easily to zhong ping or poor rating, we cherish every evaluated and well rated after the gain of the sense of achievement. (^_^), Such as a broken, wrong, occurs at the phenomenon, and photo taking (photo should be clear, at least two different angles, can clearly reflect the actual damage situation, to the breakage of the bottle mouth quantity) to us, we will take back broken bottle or next time with reissue (not alone reissue , because a lot of the time freight are higher than bottle ). Can't the recipient, please do not take, thank you.

Special emphasis:Product please sign for it within three days after check all immediately see the problem!Broken, less quantity, less accessories such as immediately inspect immediately, surpass time are no longer processing... Please check.Dispatch of dears, please do not shoot, cargo shipping after thinks express garbage Please do not shoot!Please go easy on you, Do not streetwalkers, nice long. After designated what time, to ask for their money back or poor rating threat. Express Sometimes fast Sometimes slow, we horizontal couldn't, Guangdong province within three days, do not rush thing, guangdong province outside six days do not rush thing, to urge understanding.

Warm prompt:The shop of the glass bottle General are set (bottle + lid), the price, bottle and cap are can reuse, says bottle broken and damaged, only the back broken bottle of a lid of A is not refundable, calculation methods are: the refund amount = bottle set (bottle + lid) price-the lid of the price; says lid breakage, only the back broken lid of a, a bottle of the price is not refundable, the calculation method is: the refund amount = broken lid of the price. As this bottle buy there, while the actual refund amount for the refund amount multiplied by the discount amount. Please dears known, not for any reason (including "bottle broke, i'm going to cover what is the use of "," the lid is broken, i'm going to bottle what is the use of ") to request refund whole set the price, after all, breakage is both sides don't hope to meet, need both bear. Thanks dears the understanding and support.

Note: Photo Taking, please be careful, that hurt my own, in case the generate negative consequences, we shall not bear any responsibility!

Non-quality problems do not return Processing

Please first fitting product, determine whether the suitable non-quality issue will not be returned.Any questions, our only bear Packing materials, do not bear after filling the responsibility and others any loss (Inclusion express responsibility ).

About the evaluation

You received the goods, as soon as possible, please confirm and evaluated. We're very important you to our evaluated, Roogo you received the goods after any complaints, please, you must first with our contact, we will as soon as possible for you to solve. Do not leave the discontented and grievances to the seller on FZ to get both sides are unpleasant, and the problem YR have not been solved. Quality has always been very close to us, the question is can solve, refuse to the poor rating.


Our provideDirect MailTo Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Service(Well feng transport fees to pay ).

Our store most of Product Support buyer use "Amoy baby set operation." The list (for glass bottle fragile, some products may be "Amoy baby set operation" decided that the embargo products, outside China to buy properties choose way feng straight email or contact Customer Service ), can run to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the U. S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and so on.

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